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Spinning Classes

I’ve 12 pay as you go Spin classes a week, from 30min beginner classes to 90min King of The Mountain classes. Including morning, lunchtime & evenings. Your 1st class is FREE to try out.

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Body Slim

The Body Slim Project involves a small group meeting 2/3 a week for 6 weeks. I focus on helping people lose weight, get fit & to tone up. We’ll not only train together but more importantly, I will show you how to follow a realistic, long term healthy eating plan.

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Personal Training Dublin

Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, improve your strength, improve your flexibility, get fit, train for a race or improve your sporting performance I will be there to ensure you can achieve your goals.

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Advanced Nutrition & Exercise Workshop

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Featured Health & Fitness Articles

Injury Prevention & Recovery

Injury Prevention & RecoveryFor those who exercise regularly and/or exercise at a high intensity, injuries are usually a rare but occasional occurrence.  Knowing how best to avoid injuries and how best to recover from them, is vital in ensuring we train at peak performance. Your body is very smart, it will usually tell you a long time in advance that something is not right.  You will feel muscles, ligaments or tendons ache or tighten during or after exercise and it’s usually when we ignore these warning signs that serious injuries occur.   Always listen to your body, it doesn't speak English so pay attention to [more]

How To Fuel Your Body For Intense Exercise

How To Fuel Your Body For Intense ExerciseBefore Training: 2-3 Hours beforehand eat a medium sized portion of Complex Carbohydrates for gradual release of energy.  Common examples are: Wholegrain bread, whoelgrain rice, Wholewheat Pasta, Porridge, Beans or Lentils. 15-20 Mins beforehand eat a small amount of simple sugars to give you a good kick-start.  For example: Fruit, half a bar of chocolate, a few Sweets, a couple of  biscuits etc If doing an event it's always advisable, to carb load with complex carbs the night before too. During Training: In my experience when doing regular training for an hour or less, water is all that’s required.  For training sessions, races or events [more]

What is a Weight Loss Plateau

What is a Weight Loss PlateauI consider a weight loss plateau, if you’ve been good and sticking to your exercise and nutrition plan as you’re supposed to be, for 3 weeks or more and not seeing any fat loss results. It is not sticking to the plan Mon-Fri then binging at the weekend. It is not “sort of sticking to the plan”. If you sort of follow a weight loss plan, you’ll sort of get results. It is not eating well but drinking lots of alcohol. It is not exercising lots and eating poorly. It is not eating well but doing no exercise – leisurely walking [more]

Seven Daily Sins

Seven Daily SinsThese are seven daily sins of your diet many people make Monday to Friday and as part of their staple diet.  Then come the weekend they pig out on take-aways, fast food and/or binge drink alcohol.  Is it any wonder the world is rapidly becoming morbidly obese?   Cereals - Most are packed with sugar, have little fibre and most contain genetically modified ingredients.  Start your day with sugar and you’ll be craving it for the rest of the day with unstable blood sugar levels.  Lean protein with complex carbs is a better healthier option for breakfast. Lattes & Cappuchinos - skinny, low [more]

Are we a Nation of Saints & Scholars or just Drunks?

Are we a Nation of Saints & Scholars or just Drunks?The law says I can only buy one packet of 16 Paracetamol in a chemist at any one time, but any 18 year old can walk into an off license and buy 50 bottles of Vodka if they want? How many people die from Paracetamol overdose a year compared to alcohol related deaths I wonder? We entertain world leaders like Obama and heads of state like the Queen of England, by bringing them to the pub in front of the world’s cameras. Only recently politicians set great examples, basically getting away with drink driving. Does the government really care about our alcohol [more]