• About Andy Kenny
  • Cycling Perth to Sydney solo

Andy Kenny Fitness Ltd is a class based gym in Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 2.  With almost 800 classes a month and Irelands largest class timetable.   Founded in 2007, the company has expanded 3 times and is currently looking to expand a 4th to a much bigger premises in the near future.  


Andy is unlike most other trainers and wasn’t always in good shape and was very overweight in his late teens and early 20’s. So overweight and unfit in fact, that on a hot day walking down the street, a woman felt it necessary to stop her car and offer him a lift!


He went from gladly taking her up on her offer of help, to getting fit, lost over 5 stone (32kg), became a personal trainer and then cycled 4400km across Australia unassisted and in just 42 days.  


So no matter how unfit a client/member is or thinks they are, they can’t have been as bad as Andy once was.  So if he can do all that, he can certainly help and motivate you to reach your goals, no matter what they are.  


Andy started out training clients in a tiny room in 2006, expanding to his own studio in 2011 and expanded again in 2013 to our current gym in Grand Canal Dock.  He’s built a great team around him and we now have Irelands largest class timetable.   Andy is also contracted by VHI to present to their corporate clients on health & wellbeing.  We regularly hold corporate hikes, sports days and health and wellbeing presentations.

In April and May 2009 I cycled alone, 4363km from Perth to Sydney (www.pedalpowered.ie). The training I did beforehand and 6 weeks of 10-12 hours a day cycling, taught me many valuable and unique things about exercising in extreme conditions that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise.


I was inspired to take on this challenge after meeting a cyclist in Australia in 2003 who was cycling from Perth to Sydney. At the time I was obese and found stairs a challenge so such a huge undertaking seemed impossible to me but when I lost the weight and got fit I decided to take on this mammoth challenge. If I’d have been told ten years ago that I’d be a Personal Trainer and had cycled alone & unaided across Australia, I wouldn’t have believed it for a second. I know now almost anything in life can be achieved given enough determination and time.


Since 2008 I’ve been involved with fundraising for the Burren Chernobyl Project, a small charity set up in 1993 to help the victims of the Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor explosion.

Andy Kenny before and after weight loss


Checkout our huge class schedule. From spinning to weight lifting, weight loss to boxing.  We’ve got all your health & fitness goals covered.