Bad Healthy Warning Signs

Bad Health – Early Warning Signs

It’s rare for your body to suddenly snap a ligament, your back to cease up or an organ to fail out of the blue etc… Your body will give you lots of warning signs, for a long time in advance.

The truth is we can pickle our livers in alcohol for decades, fill our lungs with cancerous smoke for half a century, stuff our body with food to bursting point all our lives, before getting severe health problems.

Along the way however, we’ll get lots of early warning indicators of what’s ahead in the future. It might be something simple like getting out of breath climbing a couple of flights of stairs, our back might get really stiff sitting for prolonged periods in our car or at a desk, our knees might ache after an unusually long walk, smokers might have a permanent chesty cough or a heavy drinker might get used to a long term permanent anxiety hangover.

A clinically unfit person can survive quite easily with their self-inflicted disablement, by walking 10 feet to their car, then driving to work or to drop the kids off, take the lift in work, walk 20 feet to their desk, sit there for 8 hours and repeat the process back to their couch, day in day out.

When we can’t even perform one of the most basic of human functions – walking, due to a self-inflicted disablement. It must surely be the earliest of warning signs, for what lies ahead on the path of life – the path we’re too lazy to even walk down.

This self-inflicted disablement is the worst part of our modern western culture and must be horrifying for a genuinely disabled person to see. Humans only have cars and desk jobs a 100 years or so, what’s in store for future generations in another 100 or 500 years?

Aches, pains, coughs, feeling down and getting out of breath are only minor inconveniences, so we can put up with them and ignore them for years. They become the norm. It’s only if we are forced to act by a sudden increase in discomfort or pain, that we get an urgent eye opener. If we’re lucky it won’t be anything serious, but if unlucky it could be life threatening or too late.

As a society we’ve become content with the mundane in our sedentary existences. Most know nothing of the rush you get from exercising, we forget how great it feels to walk into a room confident in our appearance, we become accustomed to feeling sluggish and bloated from consuming processed foods. We take pain killers and use creams to temporarily mask our aches and pains but never really work to fix the problems.

Most are oblivious to the fact that being fit and healthy feels great. Are you one of them and if so are you going to remain that way?

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author: Andy Kenny