Bad Health Warning Signs

Benjamin Franklin said “Many people die at 25 but aren’t buried until they’re 75”.

There are so many people that have mistaken the mundane and being lethargic, as happiness. We get used to hating our bodies and feeling tired all the time, so it becomes normal. We’re acclimatised to buying larger clothes each year, avoiding photographs and social events. Never thinking about the ticking time bomb of bad health.

Unhealthy Kids

We show our love to our kids, nieces or nephews by letting them eat what they want, when they want, “because they deserve it”.  We bring them to the pub on Sundays and get drunk in front of them, passing it on to the next generation and yet if we see a junkie with a child we are horrified?



We quickly forget about seeing relatives suffer with their health, dying young, drug or alcohol problems, mental health issues and disregard any likelihood that it might run in the family. Never wanting to face the possibility, that we might make our own children and family suffer, as they watch us experience similar issues.

Repeated bad health warning signs like: digestion problems, headaches, knee or back pain, feeling exhausted, sleep disturbance, getting sick often, regularly taking pain killers or antacids, feeling down, poor concentration levels or even chest pains get ignored once a precedent has been set.

The truth is we can pickle our livers in alcohol for decades, fill our lungs with cancerous smoke for half a century, stuff our body with food to bursting point all our lives, before getting severe health problems. Along the way however, we’ll get lots of early warning indicators of what’s ahead in the future. It might be something simple like getting out of breath climbing a couple of flights of stairs, our back might get really stiff sitting for prolonged periods at a desk, our knees might ache after a long walk, smokers might have a permanent chesty cough or a heavy drinker might get used to a long term permanent anxiety hangover.

Broken Heart

A clinically unfit person can survive quite easily with their self-inflicted disablement.  They walk 10 feet to their car, then drive to work or to drop the kids off at school, take the lift in work, walk 20 feet to their desk, sit there for 8 hours and repeat the process back to their couch, day after day.

When we can’t even perform one of the most basic of human functions – walking, due to a self-inflicted disablement. It must surely be the earliest of warning signs, for what lies ahead on the path of life – the path we’re too lazy to even walk down.  It must sicken a genuinely disabled person, to see able bodied people like this, waste their health and ability.

We’ve blinkered ourselves to only see what’s directly happening now, immediately in front of us and don’t look beyond that. You can to some degree, predict your future.

What illnesses did your grand parents/parents suffer with? At what age? What is your lifestyle like? Are you overweight? How long have you been overweight? Are you genuinely fit? Have you a healthy diet? Is your life stressful?  Are you happy?

The good news is its never too late to become healthy. Fitness can improve in a matter of weeks. You can fix your diet instantly – with your next meal. What will it require?

I’m just a personal trainer but I believe it will require eating healthily most of the time, with bad foods and drinks in moderation. It’ll also require exercising 20-30minutes 3-4 times a week (not including walking unless you are elderly). Thats just 1.6% of your waking week.

The question is, are you happy with the mundane and a life ordinary?  And if not, what are you going to do about it?

author: Andy Kenny