What is Body Slim?

This 6 week course, focuses on helping you lose weight, get fit & tone up. The group meets twice a week and we’ll not only train together but I will show you how to follow a realistic healthy eating plan. See the outstanding results below. 


My team and I will train you in short, fun training sessions, increasing in intensity each week as you get fitter and stronger. You’ll also be measured, seeing your fitness, strength, toning, confidence, energy and fat levels improving. Be held accountable, monitored and motivated!

We’re not like typical gyms, we’re class based and most of our members are or were beginners and are at various stages to getting fit and healthy 🙂  We’ve helped thousands of people get in shape since Andy started the course in 2012.  Ask about our PAYday Payment Plan.

How it works

We’ll have training sessions twice a week – once for a 30min workout, then again for a 45min workout and to also check weight and go through food diaries. Gym membership is included in the course, giving you access to over 1000 different classes over the 6 weeks, including: Pilates, spin, weight training, strength & toning, boxing, kettlebells, bums & tums and fab abs classes. Checkout our great Google reviews here.


There are no additional costs, as we don’t sell supplements and at €209, it’s the best value health, fitness and weight loss course around.  Don’t spend another year hating your body image.

How much does Body Slim cost?

6 week course including gym membership is just €209. Your health is an investment, not an expense.


Weightloss-Jan-Mid-Feb-2015-300x215This is 178.5kg or 28 stone lost by 55 of my clients in just 6 weeks. Getting 1 person to lose weight is easy, but getting a group of people to lose it consistently, shows my food plans work.  Although I prefer to think of any weight loss, as a side effect of becoming fit and healthy 🙂


While weight isn’t always the best measure of progression, it can be a great motivator. Along with lots of other things like fitness, strength, energy levels, digestion, sleep and lots more.  Find out about me and my own weight-loss journey, here.


We have full changing rooms and showers in the gym.  The course is open to anyone of any fitness level, age or ability.  The only thing you have to lose – is fat. 

Upcoming Courses


4 Places Left

Mondays at 6.45pm – 45mins

Wednesdays at 6.45pm – 30 mins

Starts Mon 9th of March


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Tuesdays at 6pm – 30mins

Thursdays at 6pm – 45mins

Starts Thurs 2nd April

The Feedback

We always ask for anonymous feedback at the end of each course.  Here’s some of the latest feedback.  “The best part for me was I didn’t feel self conscious”.  “Terrified starting – buzzing now”.  “Thank you Andy for giving me my confidence back”. “You get great support from Day 1 and throughout”.  “I just can’t believe how much fitter I feel in just 6 weeks, very proud of myself”. “So happy with my progress, the course has managed to override all of the excuses I’ve been making for the last few years.”  “I have never felt as strong as I do now”, “Excellent course, it started slowly to ease you in which made the process more achievable”.  “Andy Kenny Fitness is not like any other gym around town where you are just a number.  Here you get classes, personal attention & effective exercises.”


Review From Lynn -“I’ve just finished Andy’s 6 week beginners body slim program and would highly recommend it, so much so that I am not now signed up for the improver course.  I was never much of a gym goer and have struggled with my weight and fitness for many years.

I found Andy’s gym to be different experience and I felt comfortable going in and signing up. It’s not like your traditional gym and weight classes this is a completely different atmosphere where u are challenged and supported as you develop form and technique and improve your fitness levels.
I never enjoyed exercising before and find myself craving exercise now, I love the classes and the time table is packed full of classes to suit everyone, short. Intense classes giving you a full body work out. Excellent value for money and a team of very dedicated hard working professional trainers. “

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*Depending on how hard you work & how much you have to lose.  *Membership does not include the advanced KOM classes.