Bodyweight Toning Workout

Intermediate to Advanced Program
Do not do this program, if you have any injuries, illnesses, are pregnant or a beginner.  As always, if something doesn’t feel right don’t do it.  After your warm up do 3/4 circuits of the exercises.
S&T Biceps
  • Warm Up for 5 mins.  Brisk walk with some light bodyweight exercises afterwards.
  • Walk out into Push Ups x1 then walk back to standing.  Add a push up each time you walk out, up to 5 push ups.  Kneeling or on toes.
  • Walking Lunges and Squats.  Lunge, Lunge then Squat.  Big step on the lunge, bending the back knee.  Bum towards heels on the squat with feet slightly wider than hip width.  To make harder use impact on the squats, landing softly.
  • 20x Dips on the floor or on the side of a chair.
  • Roll ups on the floor gradually bending the knees after each repetition until it gets really hard.  Once you feel it in your stomach, repeat 6-10 times.
  • Crawling planks.  Bum must be down, crawl forward on forearms about 4 feet then crawl back.  Repeat 3-5 times, rest if you need to along the way but try not to.
  • Walking Overhead Press with Dumb Bells or heavy books if at home.  Start at shoulders touch dumb bells over your head as you walk.  3kg-6kg depending on your strength x15 repetitions.
  • Burpee test, how many can you do in 1 minute.  Jump fully back, practice good technique as opposed to lots of poor ones.
  • Do 3/4 circuits, resting only when you have to.
  • Cool Down 3-5mins at the end.

author: Andy Kenny