Eating Out Survival Guide

For anyone trying to lose body fat or increase muscle mass etc, eating out when its not cheat night, can be a big problem.  However, you should always remember that when eating out you are the boss, don’t be afraid to ask for more of this, or less of that.  Focus on the protein and vegetables but less on the carbohydrates in the meal.

Dont be embarressed to ask for extra portion of chicken or fish, instead of potatoes for example.  If it costs more but rescues your week and means you make progress, the extra couple of euro will be worth it.  Especially if your job is paying for it.

At most have 2 courses, 2 starters if needs be.  If you’re embarressed to say you’re trying to lose wieght in front of colleagues etc…  Pretend you have a food allergy, a dodgy stomach or ate beforehand.

Starters are the easiest to pick healthier options.   Soups, salads, kebab skewers, prawn cocktails, chicken wings etc…  Chicken and fish based main meals are usually lower in calories, best to avoid high carbs like potatoes, rice, breads, pastas, noodles etc…

Spirits with soda or tonic water will be the lowest in calories, next is wine and the worst is beers, ciders and stouts.   Portion control will be crucial when it comes to alcohol.  If your job requires you to entertain clients a lot, pretend you’re on antibiotics for a chest infection so cant drink.  Or drive to the restaurant so you won’t be able to drink alcohol.

author: Andy Kenny