September Is The New January

As the summer draws to a close leaving us with hazy memories of sun tan and barbeques it’s time to refocus the mind and the routine. We all fall off the wagon, so to speak, over the summer but with party season round the corner there is plenty to motivate us to get going again.


Working Smarter On The Move

Like many small business owners I am very time poor.  As any startup owner knows, time is a very rare commodity. However, we become adept at utilising that time efficiently. I sometimes feel like a begger on the street but instead of begging for change, I’m begging for more time! My weekday generall...


Ladies, are you a victim of your own success?

I specialise in helping people lose weight and I was working out that about 80% of my clients whose goal is to lose weight, are women aged 27-35. All seem to be hard workers and from chatting to them over the years, seem to excel in their profession. They put in the hard work – in work, but as soon...


Injury Prevention & Recovery

By: dave2

For those who exercise regularly and/or exercise at a high intensity, injuries are usually a rare but occasional occurrence.  Knowing how best to avoid injuries and how best to recover from them, is vital in ensuring we train at peak performance. Your body is very smart, it will usually tell you a l...


How To Fuel Your Body For Intense Exercise

Before Training: 2-3 Hours beforehand eat a medium sized portion of Complex Carbohydrates for gradual release of energy.  Common examples are: Wholegrain bread, whoelgrain rice, Wholewheat Pasta, Porridge, Beans or Lentils. 15-20 Mins beforehand eat a small amount of simple sugars to give you a good...


What is a Weight Loss Plateau

I consider a weight loss plateau, if you’ve been good and sticking to your exercise and nutrition plan as you’re supposed to be, for 3 weeks or more and not seeing any fat loss results. It is not sticking to the plan Mon-Fri then binging at the weekend. It is not “sort of sticking to the plan”. If y...


How Do People Become Overweight?

For quite a while now I’ve wanted to write about weight and the issues surrounding people’s weight, but have been putting it off. I found myself avoiding writing this piece for a number of reasons. This article tackles issues that are hard for people to admit to, affect some of my own family...