Find Your Fitness

It might surprise you to know that I haven’t run in about 7 years and the longest I’ve ever run for is 20minutes.

I hate running, it bores me to tears and my knees don’t like it either, but if I decided I wanted to lose weight or get fit etc and forced myself to start running, how long do you think I’d be likely to keep it up?

I also can’t train in the morning, I’ve little energy or enthusiasm so again if I forced myself to exercise in the morning, I wouldn’t maintain it for very long.

To be really successful at getting in shape and being as healthy as we can, we must find a fitness regime, exercise routine or sport, that we enjoy and can continue in the long term. Whether that’s running, cycling, spinning, weight training, bodybuilding, table tennis or dancing, it doesn’t matter. We have to find what works for us and fit it into our routine. Bare in mind, training may change with the seasons and that we can’t be at the peak of our abilities all year round.

Find Your Fitness

What we do everyday either makes us healthy or not, so likewise our diet must be balanced and realistic. Most diets fail in the long-term as they’re not realistic to follow and don’t teach new healthy habits.

The extreme example is the cabbage soup diet. Obviously drinking cabbage-flavoured water, instead of eating a burger and chips, will make someone lose weight.

However, it doesn’t teach them new realistic long-term habits, so once the motivation drops, they soon give up the unrealistic diet and go back to their old ways and regain any weight they lost.

Getting in shape is a lifelong journey with no destination, to be successful you have to Find Your Fitness.

Mines spin, what’s yours?

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author: Andy Kenny