Our Strict Sanitation Procedures

While we’ve always been very diligent and proactive with our cleanliness in the gym, given the Covid outbreak, we’ve significantly increased our sanitation procedures.  Checkout our new gym layout and sanitation procedures video here.

Initially we’ll be extremely strict as everyone is rightly cautious and get used to the rigorous sanitation procedures.  You’ll see below there’ll be a gradual reduction of the restrictions over the first few weeks we reopen.  The first time you attend might seem daunting but we’ll soon adapt and get back to the normal fun classes quickly.  This is all for your safety, so please be patient and understanding that these rules need to be followed strictly, but also that most are going to be temporary.


  • Strict social distancing and procedures in place – see procedures below
  • New individual gym pods setup, so members can book in via Glofox to do a workout on their own. Cleaned after each use
  • Open to all new and returning members. Unfortunately there will be no pay as you go option until the 13th of July
  • Most classes 45mins long with time between classes for cleaning & enough time for people to leave.
  • All classes are held on the main gym floor
  • At most 4 people in weights classes and 8 people per S&T class with 2m distance between stations.
  • All attendees must follow the strict procedure below. It’s designed to ensure members don’t need to touch anything, that hasn’t been cleaned and avoid breaking the 2m distance.
  • Only 3 types of classes available and approx. 15 classes per day.
  • Water fountain is closed, but water is for sale
  • Members should bring their own mat and large towel
  • Members can have up to 2 no shows per month, before being charged


Class Attendance Sanitation Procedures

  • Members to arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to class
  • Latecomers cannot be admitted to avoid rushing of sanitation procedures, disrupting class and/or affecting the 2m distance. There will be no admittance even 1 second after a class starts, please don’t ask as a refusal may offend. If you are running late, please don’t enter the building. Sanitation procedures will take at least 3mins and cannot be rushed, no exceptions.
  • Members are recommended to bring their own mats or large towels and water. 
  • Deep clean completed 3 times daily with industrial disinfectant sprayer, cleaning all equipment including mats. Dumbbells, kettlebells and all other equipment also cleaned again before and after each class. New infrared taps fitted to sinks and to the bins, to avoid touching.
  • Members feeling unwell or displaying any physical symptoms, may be isolated and asked to return home. If you have even 1 symptom, please do not attend
  • The instructor will be ready to welcome you in and guide you through these steps.
  • Step 1: Enter gym via front door, shoes must be cleaned on the disinfection mat at the bottom of stairs. All doors where possible will be wedged open.
  • Step 2: Leave any bags or belongings against the wall along the black floor, with 2m gaps between. Floor is marked.
  • Step 3: Make your way to the changing room and scrub hands. Toilets and sinks only available. 1 person in changing rooms at any one time.  No changing or showers available. 
  • Step 4: Exit the changing rooms and you have the option to put on disposable gloves and/or masks which are provided. Gloves and masks are not compulsory, please note they are uncomfortable to use while exercising.  We have chosen to strictly enforce social distancing and have strict cleaning procedures, as opposed to wearing PPE.
  • Step 5: Verbally sign in with instructor and get assigned to your first station
  • Step 6: Clean the equipment again at your station with supplies provided – it will also have been cleaned prior to your arrival.
  • Step 7: Class now starts. Members will remain in their 4m station throughout the class.
  • Step 8: After the cool down and stretch, members will clean their equipment, take their belongings and leave via the rear emergency exit using hand sanitiser provided.

13th of July:

  • 2 Classes can now be held at the same time. 1 class in weights area and another on main floor or in the spin room.
  • Same sanitation procedures for classes
  • Increase in class numbers to 8 people for classes held on the main floor. 
  • Increase in type of classes. Spin, Sportif & KOM classes return. 
  • 5mins gap between each class
  • Increase in classes, now up to 20 different classes per day.
  • Pay as you go option available to classes except weight training or gym pods
  • Members can have up to 2 no shows per month before being charged
  • Up to 25 members per month, can start recouping any payments made during the crisis. Used as credit against membership on a 1st come basis.

27th of July:

  • Number of different types of classes increases to 12. Which is 50% of pre Covid-19 class types.
  • Gym will have approx. 60% of pre Covid-19 capacity due to reduced number of classes and class types.
  • Individual classes will have at most 75% capacity, compared to pre Covid-19 – likely to remain for up to 1 year.
  • Changing rooms opened up to 1 shower and 2 people in the changing rooms at any one time.
  • Pay as you go option returns
  • Body Slim returns early August
  • No shows return to 3 per month
  • Water fountain reopens

It may be possible to bring forward some of the stages or unfortunately it may become necessary to delay others.  Depending on the outbreak and the governments advice.  AK Fitness reserves the right to change these T&C’s and procedures with no notice.  We have spent approximately €3500 on PPE and sanitation supplies and equipment and have stocks for 2 months.