Looking Good – Side Effect Of Feeling Great

I believe looking good, should be a side effect of feeling great.

I remember a few years ago this really struck me. I had a client (Sean) that was originally 25 stone and having lost 5 stone so far was down to 20 stone. He felt amazing, was in the best form of his life, wearing clothes he’d never worn before, was full of energy and was beaming. He left my studio one day after a training session and the very next person that came through my door, was a new client I’d never met before (can’t remember his name).

He was very overweight, after chatting to him he told me he was very unhappy with his appearance, had no energy, had trouble sleeping, always wore the same few clothes, rarely went out socially and to look at him, he always had his head down and seemed on the outside at least, to be very shy and lacking confidence.Felt like to be strong

And yet it really struck me that they both weighed the exact same 20 stone and both were overweight, however they were worlds apart in terms of how they felt. Emotionally and psychologically they were completely different, Sean was doing something to tackle his health and was reaping the rewards of it.

As soon as you make the decision and set goals you’ll start seeing results quickly, you should immediately start feeling better. Never focus on the end target you have to reach, focus on all the little ones along the way.

No matter what your goals are, each week you’ll start to see how much stronger you’re getting, how much more energy you have, you’re sleeping better, you’re clothes may start to fit better, you feel more confident, friends start to notice and give compliments. You start to notice little things like stairs or running for the bus is now easy. You start to see your muscle definition, you are weight lifting a heavier weight or running faster for longer, the list goes on.

This is why looking good should be a side effect of feeling great.

Be like Sean 🙂

author: Andy Kenny


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