Need versus Want

Do you just want to lose weight or do you need to?

Anyone can want to get in shape and lose weight but I think you must really have a NEED to lose weight to be successful.

Just looking in the mirror and wanting to lose weight isn’t going to do anything for you, you have to have reached a point in your life where enough is enough and you really need to.

For some people it’s seeing a photograph of themselves for the first time in a while. For others it might be a mean comment or look from a stranger. Some might have real health issues with their heart, blood pressure, blood sugar levels or be shocked at how exhausted they are climbing a couple of flights of stairs.  Some might have hit rock bottom with their confidence levels or feel unsexy and have no desire to be with their partner or to even look for one if single. (This was a big part of my motivation to lose weight). Some are absolutely fed up of only wearing clothes that fit and not ones they actually like.

I think this is the difference between those who want and those who need. If you have a real need and have reached that point where you’ve had enough once and for all, you’re actually in with a very good chance of success with the right help. Trying a fad diet or buying pills online etc isn’t going to fix the long term problems. Any solution you seek out must include long term realistic changes to your diet and activity levels. You’re most likely addicted to sugar and will need to reduce it to be successful. And if you’re saying you “can’t” right now, then you haven’t reached the ‘need’ point in your life – yet. If you’ve reached the need point, there is no such thing as can’t, you’d be willing to try.

For years I’d train family and friends for free or at a very discounted rate, spend hours of my time training them and they’d all get results initially but would soon give up. It took me ages to figure out why. It was because none of them needed to lose weight. They all wanted to, but only did anything about it because they knew me and I was there and offered. None of them had reached the point in their life where they truly needed to lose weight and were motivated enough to pick up the phone or Google a personal trainer etc

Someone who’s reached the need point, is willing to make sacrifices to improve their health and body image, doesn’t give up when they have a bad week, doesn’t quit if the results are small, works even harder after having a bad week, isn’t afraid to ask for help, is willing to go out of their comfort zone and try new things, works through their minds excuses, is willing to work hard at their diet & put the effort in when exercising, believes in themselves, refuses to give up and discovers that being fit and healthy feels great….

author: Andy Kenny