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Unlike most other trainers I wasn’t always in good shape and was very overweight in my late teens and early 20’s. So overweight and unfit in fact, that on a hot day walking down the street, a woman felt it necessary to stop her car and offer me a lift!

I went from gladly taking her up on her kind offer of help, to getting fit, becoming a personal trainer and then cycling 4400km across Australia unassisted and in just 42 days. Between 2003 & 2004 I sought the help of a personal trainer and through hard work, determination and following a good exercise and healthy eating regime I perfected over the year, I lost over 5 stone (32kg).


So no matter how unfit a client is or thinks they are, they can’t have been as bad as I once was.  So if I can do all that, I can certainly help and motivate you to reach your goals, no matter what they are.   I started out training clients in a tiny room in 2006, expanding to my own studio in 2011 and expanded again in 2013 to our current large gym in Grand Canal Dock.  I’ve built a great team around me and we now have Irelands 2nd largest class timetable.  I’ve plans to grow even further in 2018, to a bigger premises and currently work in London 1 day a week.  When I was so unfit that walking was a struggle, who’d have believed this was possible?

I think it’s only fair that if I know a clients weight, body fat % etc that they know mine, click here to find out what I weigh.  PT sessions are conducted in my fully equipped Gym on Pearse St Grand Canal Dock Dublin City Centre.  Checkout the gallery here.


PT sessions with me or my excellent team, are typically 30mins and we see most clients once or occasionally twice a week.  If weightloss or toning are part of your goals, you might be interested in my Body Slim course.


Initial assessment and training session:

For new clients, we arrange a private assessment, where we’ll discuss your goals and how to reach them.  I’ll provide you with my full food plan during the assessment and if you like, I can do some fitness testing. 

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I love being a Personal Trainer and am passionate about helping clients reach their goals.  I always try to give clients more, than they expect and I get great reward from showing clients that, being fit and healthy feels great!

What Personal Training can do for you:

  • -Lose Weight (If part of your goals)
  • -Tone & Strengthen your body
  • -Diet & Nutrition Advice
  • -Improve Your Fitness, Energy & Strengthen Your Core
  • -Improve Your Confidence
  • -Be Held Accountable & Be Empowered!

*Disclaimer:  Results may vary and there is no guarantee of specific results. 

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