pt_2People often ask what a Personal Trainer does? They assume its about having a tough workout and near killing the client to get results. For me the training session is probably the least important part of my job. Yes you should of course get a good tailored workout that will help you achieve your goals, but even the worst trainer can do that.

My job is really to motivate you to exercise in between our sessions and to provide you with a realistic food plan to follow. I see most clients for 30 minutes twice a week, that is just 0.6% of your week. The sessions are good but not miracles, the real work is done in the kitchen and when you train on your own following a personalised program I give.

I measure everything from your weight, to how many push ups you can do, to your core strength, to your balance and much more. The more I can measure the more I can show you where you’re improving, the more you’ll be motivated and the more you’ll continue to work hard and feel better.

We now get to the real reason people exercise and get in shape. Yes for some its to look good or lift a heavier weight, run a marathon etc but underneath all of that, it’s about feeling good. Feeling more confident, feeling stronger, feeling a great sense of achievement, feeling energized, feeling happier and much more. This all leads to a more confident, healthier, energized, better sleeping and happier you.

I can’t help everyone, not everyone has reached the stage where they are ready to get in shape, but if a client is really committed to finally getting in shape, working hard, to losing weight, improving their strength etc… then they cannot fail.

My no nonsense approach to nutrition and exercise works very well for my clients and is very cost effective.  I absolutely love my job and give everything I can to help my clients get in shape and having once been so overweight that walking down the street a women felt in necessary to stop her car and offer me a lift, I can relate to you no matter how unfit you are. For more info email me andy@andykennyfitness.com