September Is The New January

As the summer draws to a close leaving us with hazy memories of sun tan and barbeques it’s time to refocus the mind and the routine.

We all fall off the wagon, so to speak, over the summer but with party season round the corner there is plenty to motivate us to get going again.

So why should we dust off the trainers and the food diaries?

  • Exercise increases your metabolism, this means that it burns off the body’s fat even after you’ve finished a session. In fact, your body can continue burning fat for up to 48 hours after exercise.
  • But you can’t out exercise a bad diet so don’t undo your good work with bad food.
  • Exercise can help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease. If you don’t suffer with these exercising will help to make sure that you never do.
  • Exercise makes you happy. Fact. When you exercise the body releases endorphins and serotonin (the happy hormones) into the body. You may not feel ecstatic as you’re pounding the pavements or on another set of burpees but you should notice a lift in your mood when you’re done, (even if it’s simply because you’re done!)

So how do you actually get started? Well first of all decide that you are going to, then set yourself three tasks for the next week including one exercise and one diet related one. Keep them simple and manageable.

Remember small changes make a big difference.

Written by Amy Holmes.  Amy is available for personal training in our gym in Grand Canal Dock Dublin.  Contact to arrange a free assessment.

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author: Andy Kenny