Seven Daily Sins

These are the 7 daily sins, people who are trying to be healthy make, during the week.  Then come the weekend, they binge on take aways, fast food and/or alcohol.

  • Cereals

Most are packed with sugar, have little fibre, are highly processed and contain genetically modified ingredients.  Start your day with sugar and you’ll be craving it for the rest of the day with unstable blood sugar levels.  Lean protein with complex carbs, is a better healthier option for breakfast.

  • Lattes & Cappuchinos

Skinny, low fat, skimmed or full fat, whichever way you take it, these are high calorie sugary drinks.  Even in a large “skinny” Latte you still only save 40 calories compared to full fat.  Skimmed milk has slightly more sugar than full fat milk.   By getting a “skinny” latte, the difference is miniscule and just one a day for 5 days a week, is almost 2 & a half litres of milk.  A large latte will also have 18g of sugar (lactose), thats 6x 3g sugar sachets.  Personally, I have a black coffee with one brown sugar and a drop of milk.

  • White Breads, bagels, wraps, rolls, pittas. 

These are a large part of common lunchtime meals.  They are all made with refined white flour, have little fibre, so very quickly affect blood sugar and insulin levels. This can mean you spend the rest of the day craving even more sugar, as your blood sugar levels will be unstable.  Replace with complex carbs like real wholegrain high fibre bread, wholegrain rice, lentils, mixed beans, etc… You’ll be fuller for longer and they will help keep your blood sugar levels stable, reducing cravings.       Seven Daily Sins of your Diet


  • Soft Drinks, fruit juices and smoothies.

Soft drinks contain lots and lots of sugar.  Fizzy orange for example has 65g of sugar per 500ml.  Thats 22 of those 3g sugar sachets you’ll know from coffee shops.  Would you put 22 sugar sachets in a coffee?  Why put it in something else?  “Diet” drinks don’t contain sugar but do contain artificial sweetners.  These controvertial sweetners have been linked (but not proven) to cancer and after consuming them, can cause cravings for sugar later on.  Fruit smoothies and juices contain lots of sugar too and lack the fibre found in the fruits skin.  This speeds up the absorbtion of the sugar.  Get your vitamins, minerals & antioxidants from the whole fruits.  Or even better vegetables, which have little of the sugar.

  • Sugary Snacks like crisps, chocolate, rice cakes or cereal bars.

These are again high sugar, low fibre snacks that mess around with your blood sugar levels.  An average bar of chocolate 5 days a week is 1300kcals or 68,000kcals a year, just from this one food source.  If 3000kcals is 1lb of fat thats 23lbs or 1.6 stone a year you could put on.  Stabalising your blood sugar levels with complex carbs for breakfast and lunch will help with cravings.  Cinnamon and lemon juice in water may also help resist these sugary snacks.  Snacks like high fibre fruit (with skin), nuts, seeds or homemade low sugar oat cakes are better options.

  • White Carbs like white rice, pasta, potatoes, noodles etc…

These are a staple for many people in their evening meal.  These are empty claories with little nutrients and again lack much fibre.  This carbohydrate can be converted to fat if not used for energy.  I tell clients to hold any of these that they eat, up to their belly, cause thats where they go.  My saying is “If its white its shite”.  Replace with the complex version, white rice to wholegrain rice, white potoates to sweet potatoes, white noodles to soba noodles etc… and keep portions small, fist size is usually enough for most people.

  • Wine

We all know someone who drinks a glass or more a day.  There’s many who drink a bottle of wine every night.  Its become sociably acceptable and yet if they drank half a bottle of vodka or 6 cans of cheap cider every night, that’d be different somehow?  If you’re after the antioxident properties of wine, eat an apple or drink some green tea….

These may all be perfectly fine in moderation, but for most people that consume these as part of their staple diet, they will be well on their way to an unhealthy lifestyle and high body fat %.  You should notice that there’s very little fat in these 7 daily sins, fat isnt resposible for making us fat.  Fat is in small quantities in our diets in comparison to the vast amounts of sugar, consumed in every meal and in large quantities.

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author: Andy Kenny

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