The Burger King Diet

I was on the Train last week and spotted Burger Kings latest advertisement as two teenagers were chatting about which day they were up to and how one needed to catch up. For just €2.49 a day you can have a different burger from their menu. If you were to just have the burger you’d consume 3575kcals, 255g of carbs & 193g of fat a week. The fat alone is the size of a tub of butter. If you were me or in the top tiny percentile of my clients who were able to do my 45min, 60min & 90min advanced spin classes you would only burn off 2700kcals of the 3575kcals.

These figures don’t account for any drinks or extras a person might have in burger king or for the salt content. I enjoy fast food very occasionally but it cannot be consumed in regular amounts if you are to be healthy. I used to be very overweight and consumed fast food almost everyday, I dread to think what would have happened if I followed ‘The Burger King Diet’ and ate it every day.

I think this is shameful advertising by Burger King and proof if ever it was needed that the advertising of fast food must be stringently regulated or banned altogether. If fitness professionals like me aren’t burning off the calories burger king are trying to get us to eat what chance do you or you children have?

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author: Andy Kenny

Emer says:

Andy – great point. And aside from the calorie and fat intake the point is that this is energy dense food without the nutrients which the body really needs for long term health. Most of this meat is covered is sugar dense sauce, topped with high sugar bread, all leading to weight gain but also an imbalance in blood sugar. End result diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Message should be clear that feeding the body for long term health requires putting as much natural whole foods into it as possible. Thanks for raising the issue!

Dennis Rodman says:

Now you are assuming that the person eating these will eat the burgers on top of everything else. An average person consumes 7*2000 calories a week just by being alive. It amounts to 14 000 calories, leaving 10 425 for other foods.

fabian says:

great movie on the same topic: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0390521/.

Susan Mangan says:

Nice one Andy! Hard to believe they’re still getting away with that in this day and age.