The Drinkaware Fanfare

If you were trying to quit smoking would you take advice from Benson & Hedges?  Trying to lose weight, would you go to a McDonalds Weightloss Program?  Trying to reduce your heroin use, would you ask your dealer for help or info on the nearest rehab clinic?

Drinkaware was “Established in 2006 by alcohol manufacturers & distributers with the aim “to undertake initiatives to combat alcohol abuse & misuse”. So the legal drug is being monitored by the drug dealers themselves? The drinks industry can now point to drinkaware whenever they’re criticized about not doing anything to prevent the alcohol epidemic we have in this country.

Don’t be fooled by drinkaware, it’s a marketing smokescreen, thought up to appease the masses and so the drinks industry and government can say they’re doing something about the epidemic. It at best gets people thinking but is no substitute for the government or industry actually doing something to tackle the problem.


If the government really cared about reducing alcohol related problems, it would do more than just increase taxes.  It could start with labeling but the drinks industry have such an influence that there is very little in the way of laws surrounding labeling of alcoholic beverages.

A water bottle has to have its nutritional values detailed down to the macro nutrient but not one single mention of even the slightest ingredient, calorie content or sugar content is on any alcoholic drinks label or its website.  It’s been talked about, but nothing has actually been done.  Labels just state how much alcohol is in it and the size of the bottle.

Take drinkawares campaign saying that one standard drink takes the same amount of time to be processed by your liver. Basically its trying to say if I drink 10 glasses of beer or 10 measures of whiskey it’d leave my body the same way and to be careful driving the next morning that I’m not over the limit.

The one good thing drink aware does is provide links to Alcoholics Anonymous in your local area.  Helpful, but personally I think it’s easier just to have a link to alcoholics anonymous directly on the label…

If Drinkaware was to be effective, it’d need to be impartial and in no way supported or associated with the drinks industry.  It would be pushing for improvements to opening hours, educating school kids about alcohol, limiting availability, changing attitudes to binge drinking, better labeling, pushing for changes to advertising laws and opening more/any rehab centres to start with.

Be aware, drinkaware is the drink industries fanfare.

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