The Power OF A Precedent

The Power Of A Precedent

Don’t underestimate the effect of setting a precedent in your life.  Doing something for the first time whether it be a good or bad thing, can justify the action in your mind and remove any hesitation to do it again.

In health & fitness terms, precedents can be both hugely rewarding or alternatively, cause months or more of unhealthy habits or routines.  There are many times we set precedents throughout the week, be careful to identify any negative ones, usually preceded by the words “fu<k it”.  It’s rare that it’s a once off and we are then instinctively justified to do it again in our minds. 

Unhealthy precedents

  • Braking your workout routine
  • Drinking too much alcohol most nights, with your meal
  • Allowing yourself unhealthy treats everyday
  • Eating unhealthily during the week
  • Drinking too much caffeine, affecting the amount of stress and/or sleep


Healthy Precedents

  • Prepping and taking healthy lunches into work
  • Not eating unhealthy treats every day
  • Waiting until the weekend to drink alcohol
  • Avoiding certain restaurants or cafes that offer unhealthy meals &/or drinks
  • Finding ways to relax, unwind and spend time doing positive things you enjoy


By their nature, healthy and positive precedents are harder to initiate.  However are then easier to follow up the next time.  Maybe subconsciously that’s why we sometimes resist doing something good for the first time, as we know it might mean changing our routine and require more effort going forward?

author: Andy Kenny