My Top 5 Most Shocking “Healthy” Products

These Are My Top 5 Most Shocking Products That Are Marketed As Healthy Alternatives

  1. A “Skinny” Latte has slightly more sugar than whole milk and even in a large one you save less than 40 calories & a small amount of fat.
  2. Glenisk Blueberry “Organic” & “Low Fat” yogurt has 18.5g of Sugar
  3. Milky Way marketed as “light & fluffy” it is 67% sugar the higest I could find of any chocolate bar, even Haribo has less sugar.   
  4. Special K, has twice the sugar, almost twice the fat, has a bit more calories & is nearly twice the price of Cornflakes.
  5. Club Orange with “real bits”.  Just a 500ml bottle has 65g of Sugar



Latte 2

  • There is very little difference between a full fat, semi skimmed or skimmed milk Latte.  The difference is minuscule, latte’s and cappuccino’s are high calorie, sugary drinks,  no matter how you take it.
  • Glenisk’s low fat and organic yogurt has 18.5g of sugar, thats more than 6 of those 3g sachets you’ll know from coffee shops.  The gooseberry flavour has even more with 21g of sugar.  Would you put 6/7 sugars in a coffee?  Is it ok in a yogurt marketed as healthy?  Haagen Dazs ice cream hasn’t got that much more sugar than this yogurt – approx 27g per 100g, depending on flavour.
  • Milky Way will surprise most as having the highest percentage of sugar of any chocolate bar I could find.



  • Special K is actually a worse choice than cornflakes.  Not that Id recommend any cereal as a healthy breakfast, but Special K is pure marketing genius.  With milk even a small portion has more calories & similar sugar to a Flake chocolate bar.
  • A Club Orange “with real bits” has 65g of sugar per 500ml, thats 22g of 3g sugar sachets.  More than Redbull, 7Up and Coke.


These should be considered as nice occasional treats and can be enjoyed in moderation but to consume one or more of these every day will not constitute a healthy diet or be of any benefit to anyone trying to lose weight.  Any weight loss will be as a result of a combination of changing other factors in your diet and exercise regeme.

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author: Andy Kenny