I think it’s only fair that if I know a clients weight, body fat % etc that they know mine.

Here’s a picture of my stretch marks from my side, I’ve lots on my arms and bum too but I’ll spare you the picture!

Stretch Marks Andy Kenny
I hover around 92kg and on a good week am 14% body fat and 16% on a bad week. 12% body fat or less is 6 pack territory so I’m nowhere near, 20% or higher is generally classed as unhealthy for men.

My bio is:
I’m 36 from Dublin and unlike most other trainers I wasn’t always in good shape and was very overweight in my late teens and early 20′s. So overweight and unfit in fact, that on a hot day walking down the street, a woman felt it necessary to stop her car and offer me a lift! I went from gladly taking her up on her kind offer, to getting fit, becoming a personal trainer and then cycling 4400km across Australia unassisted and in just 42 days. Between 2003 & 2004 I sought the help of a personal trainer and through hard work, determination and following a good exercise and healthy eating regime I perfected myself over the year, I lost over 5 stone (32kg).

I say this to inspire clients, to realise that no matter how unfit they are, or think they are, they can’t have been as bad as I once was and if I can do all that, I can certainly show them how to lose a few pounds or get fit etc.

I exercise 5 days a week and eat a fairly healthy diet, following my own food plan Mon-Sat afternoon. Saturday night and Sunday evening are usually but not always, when I’ll eat and drink unhealthily. If I have 2 cheat nights a week, I usually gain a little bit of body fat but am generally better the following week, so over a month maintain.

I do still emotionally eat and drink, if highly stressed. I assume I always will. Unless I suddenly discover the secret to solving emotional eating. In which case, I’ll be a trillionaire and living on a private island somewhere with the perfect body.

I’m relatively happy with my body image and very happy with my fitness levels, core and leg strength. But thanks to an ongoing injury, am not at all happy with my upper body muscletone or strength. I keep fit and arguably healthy but work too much, 80+ hours a week.

I live in the real world and I like to eat, drink and have a social life but do not hide that from anyone and don’t make any apologies for it. But I expect clients to understand who’s goal is to lose weight, there has to be sacrifices and hard work. Once you get to your goal, you can relax a little to maintain, like I do now.

I don’t like calling myself a personal trainer and struggle to think of myself as one. I think of myself as someone who’s been more unfit than you can imagine and can help others get into shape by relating and sharing my experiences.

I do get a bit of stick and the odd snide remark from other trainers in the industry for not having lower body fat and a “better body”. It’s hard to ignore but can usually put it down to old fashioned Irish begrudgery.

It’s usually from trainers that have always been in good shape and never struggled with their weight. They have no clue what its like to have a problem with food and it usually shows, as they aren’t busy trainers or can’t keep clients for very long.

I weekly have a binge, daily struggle with food and hourly have to plan ahead. I’m far from perfect but do my best and doing your best – when you can, is what it’s all about really.

The reason I’m good at what I do, is exactly because I can relate to what a client is going through. I try to keep things simple, sensible and realistic. I can be a bit blunt sometimes and it gets me into trouble but I find it’s the most effective way

Nadia Leclercq says:

This is what attracted me to you gym Andy! Thanks for the sharing your story. Over the last year and a half, identification is how I maintain my sobriety. Now that I am on this spiritual path, I realise that I can no longer ignore this other addiction (which materialise into not eating, emotionally eating, binge eating; what you described yourself).
I’ve been able change around 30-yrs of substance addiction following a simple program and with willingness to change, I can do the same here! Onwards and upwards!

Looking forward to start!


Andy Kenny says:

Thanks Nadia 🙂 Hopefully we can work together to get you in great shape and full of energy. Being in the right frame of mind and being willing to work hard is more than half the battle and you’re certainly there!