What’s The Lowest Calorie Easter Egg?

Calories in Easter Eggs

I’ve taken a good look at a wide range of Easter eggs and have discovered a few very interesting things.

Most of the eggs I looked at ranged from €4.99 to €16.99 however all the eggs (just the shell) were between 150g & 200g, PLUS a couple of bars or small sweats inside the box.  So the more expensive eggs, were only more expensive because of the packaging and an extra 50g of chocolate.

4 bars of Dairy milk weigh 211g, slightly more than the equivalent large Easter egg and cost about ¼ of the price. When you buy expensive Easter eggs you are paying for packaging.

As they were just chocolate all the different brands of hollow 200g eggs had very similar nutritional values of an average 1050kcals, 115g of sugar & 55g of fat.

That’s 128% of an ADULTS daily guideline for sugar and 84% of fat. Not including the additional bars inside. 1 Mars bar for example has an additional 260kcals, 35g of sugar & 10g of fat.

If you’re trying to lose weight or maintain your weight having this amount of chocolate, will set you back so bare that in mind. The nutritional values on the side of the packaging is deliberately confusing as they only list the contents in 100g and by the ¼ egg, so watch out for that if you’re comparing them.

I’ve relatives with children and they get at least 10 eggs at Easter.  10 eggs and 10 bars of additional chocolate (most eggs have 2 bars inside, but assume someone else will eat one of them).  That child will consume:

  • 1.5 Kilograms of sugar,
  • 900g of Fat
  • 13,100kcals.

All from one food source. To equate that its 1 & a half bags of sugar and nearly 4 packets of lard.  That much chocolate will also have 20mg of caffeine per 100g.

To answer, “What’s the lowest calorie Easter egg?”  The cheaper smaller ones, they’re about 100g of chocolate in the egg and usually have a bar as well, so it totals about 3 bars of chocolate.  I priced some as low as €3.99, not too bad and less than a euro more expensive than buying just 3 bars of chocolate on their own.  Each cheap egg, works out at about 3 bars of chocolate.  Moderation is fine and this could be argued as moderation.

10 small cheap Easter eggs with bars, is the same as about 30 bars of chocolate.

10 large 200g eggs with 2 bars each, is about the same as 60 bars of chocolate.  If I said I’m going to give my kid 30+ bars of chocolate over the weekend, what would you think?

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author: Andy Kenny