Sugar & Calories in Beer, Stout & Cider

Would it surprise you to know Coors light and Heineken have exactly the same calories and carbs?  Shown here is the sugar and calorie content in popular beers, stout and ciders. If like me, you like to drink alcohol you’ll be interested to see the results I found. 

All beers, stouts and ciders were unfortunately high in calories & some were also high in carbs too.  A pint of beer has between 210 & 240kcals, similar to a mars bar (244kcals).

I’m not here to talk about the rights and wrongs or damage alcohol causes, you’re an adult and that’s for you to decide. I’m just hoping to help people make more informed choices about what they drink and in what quantity.  Like most things in moderation, they are ok for most people. However, for someone wishing to lose weight it would decrease your chances of losing weight, if you choose to drink any beer, stout or cider to excess. For example:

  • 6 bottles of Heineken have 714 calories & 54g of carbs (18x 3g sugar sachets you’ll know from coffee shops).
  • 6 pints of Budweiser has 1398 kcals & 102g of sugar (34 sugar sachets).
  • 10 pints of Bulmers cider is 2100 kcals & 230g of sugar (77 sugar sachets).

Workout what you’d have on a night out, then how much per week?

Light Beers

Its good to know that there are lower calorie and lower sugar alternatives available with Heineken Light, Bud Light and Bulmers Light now being widely available. They do make a significant difference.  6 bottles of Heineken is 714kcals but 6 bottles of Heineken Light is 438kcals.  However light beers are usually heavily processed and most likely contain artificial sweeteners among other things.  It was interesting to see regular Heineken and Coors Light have the exact same calories 119kcals per 330ml bottle.

In conclusion

It seems beer, cider and stouts are high calorie drinks and should be treated as occasional treats. Eight pints of Heineken has almost the same number of calories as 7 Mars bars or 8x 500ml bottles of Coke…

It’s worrying to think that governments place little or no importance on the labelling of alcohol, its ingredients or nutritional values but even a bottle of water has to have its contents detailed down to the macronutrient…

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Per 100ml it has 36kcals & 2.8g of carbs. 

A 330ml Bottle has 119kcals & 9g of carbs
A Pint of Heineken (568ml) = 204kcals & 16g of Carbs

Alcohol content is 4.3% (UK & Ireland) 5% European continent
Full breakdown here.


Heineken Light: 

Per 100ml has 22kcals & 1.4g of carbs.  

A 330ml bottle has 73kcals & 4.6g of carbs.

A pint (568ml) of Heineken Light = 125kcals & 7.9g of carbs

Alcohol content just 3%

Full breakdown here.




Budweiser 300ml (Note the smaller bottle) has 123kcals & 9g of carbs

A pint (568ml) has 233kcals & 17g of carbs

Full breakdown here.



Coors Light:

Per 100ml has 36kcals & 2.6g of carbs.  

330ml bottle has 119kcals & 8.6g of carbs

A pint has 204kcals & 15g of carbs

Alcohol content 4.3%

Full breakdown here.



500ml bottle has 210kcals &26g of carbs






Erdinger Weißbier:

Per 100ml it has 44kcals & 2.6g of carbs

500ml bottle has 220kcals & 13g of carbs

Full breakdown here.




Pint of Guinness has 200kcals & 16g of carbs




Bulmers Original Cider:

Bulmers 330ml bottle has 122kcals & 13g of sugar

A pint has 210kcals & 23g of carbs




Bulmers Light Cider:

330ml bottle has 92kcals & 2g of carbs

Pint has 160kcals &13g of carbs


Bulmers Pear:

Bulmers Pear 500ml Can has 215kcals & 12g of sugar

author: Andy Kenny

Linda says:

Hi Andy,
What about bitters, I don’t think you mentioned them in your post, my husband loves real ale and has just been diagnosed with diabetes?

Orianne says:

Thanks Andy for your work.I was wondering how much calories i drunk over the week end,well too much!!

Roy says:

I drink 4 pints of cider a day and iam diabetic 2 am i doing a bad thing?


I have just received results of my annual sucar levels. Cholestral readings are good. Iron is low which I am receiving tablets to adjust and my sugar blood levels are high, I drink just twice per week on Saturday and Sunday. I was a Guinnes drinkler but about two years ago I changed to Murphy’s. What are my options now with this blood count.? Which lager would suit me bst..Thanking you

marguerite says:

andy I drink bulmers light, coz its lowin in sugar, but now im hearing theirs apartame in the sweetener nd thats apparently not good for the body.

Michelle says:

Interesting reading. I am looking forward to hearing about wine and spirits and cocktails. Am hoping that you can offer some advice on choosing a reasonably healthy choice for a nite out!!

Paul says:

Wow, this is awesome.

I’ve always wondered and looked for the lowest calorie drinks. I was once told that Bulmers had the highest amount of Calories, so I even switched to coors light. But now I can see that drinking Bulmers light will be about the same as Coors Light. Is it true to believe that drinking Sprits like vodka with diet drinks would be better?

Mark says:

Good initiative and article Andy. Very interesting. Keep up the good work