Sugar & Calories in Beer, Stout & Cider

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Shown below is the calorie and sugar content in popular beers, stout and ciders. If like me, you like to drink alcohol you’ll be interested to see the results I found. This week I’ve detailed beer, stout and cider, next week I’ll be detailing wine, spirits and their mixers and liqueurs. So remember to follow me on Facebook if you’d like to find out about these next week and leave a comment below if you’ve a favourite drink you’d like me to look into.
Beer & Cider Comparison
All beers and ciders were unfortunately high in calories and some were also high in carbs (sugar) too. I would like to point out that it was incredibly difficult to find out precise information, as most drinks companies do not list their ingredients, alcohol content, calories or any other nutritional values on their products or website. If they do it is buried in a well hidden page on their website. The worst being Heineken, Guinness and Bulmers, who seem to list nothing at all. I was very careful to use several sources for information but cannot guarantee there will be slight errors in the information. It’s worrying to think that governments place little or no importance on the labeling of alcohol, its ingredients or nutritional values but even a bottle of water does have to.

I’m not here to talk about the rights and wrongs or damage alcohol causes, you’re an adult and that’s for you to choose. I’m just hoping to help people know what they’re drinking and to make better choices about what they drink and in what quantity.

Like most things in moderation and in the right portion size they are for most people ok to drink. However, for someone wishing to lose weight it would dramatically decrease your chances of losing weight if you choose to drink any beer, stout or cider. For example on a night out if you drink 6 bottles of Heineken that’s 834 calories and 66g of sugar (about 13 sachets of sugar). 6 pints of Budweiser would be 1398kcals and 102g of sugar. A big drinker might have 10 pints or more on a night out. 10 pints of Bulmers is 2100kcals and 230g of sugar. Workout what you’d have on a night out, then how much per week?

Its good to know that there are lower (not low) calorie and lower sugar alternatives available with Coors Light, Bud Light and Bulmers Light now being widely available in most pubs and off licenses. They do make a small difference, 6 bottles of Heineken would be 834kcals and 66g of sugar but 6 bottles of Coors Light would be 564kcals and 24g of sugar. Better but still high and they most likely contain artificial sweeteners. Eight pints of Bulmers original would be 1680kcals and 184g of sugar, but 8 pints of Bulmers light would be 1280 and 32g of sugar. Again they are better but still high and even drinking 8 pints you still only save 400 kcals.

In conclusion it seems beer, cider and stouts are high calorie drinks and should be treated as occasional treats. Eight pints of Heineken has almost the same number of calories as 8 Mars bars or 9x 500ml bottles of Coke. I’ll be doing wines, spirits and liqueurs over the next week and expect them to be even more interesting. I’d like to thank the sterling work done by my flatmate Alan, in pouring and tasting all the beers and ciders. Tough work but someone had to do it. Please feel free to share this article and “like” my Facebook page as without feedback, likes and shares I don’t get anything in return.  You can also sign up to my newsletter on mailchimp by clicking here, for more articles like these.


330ml Bottle = 139kcals & 11g of Carbs
Pint = 239kcals & 17g of Carbs
Carbohydrates of which Sugars per 100g = 66.8g



300ml Bottle (Note the smaller bottle size) = 123kcals & 9g of carbs
Pint = 233kcals & 17g of carbs


Coors Light:

330ml Bottle = 94kcals & 4g of Carbs
Pint = 162kcals and 7g of carbs



500ml Bottle = 210kcals & 26g of Carbs


Erdinger Weisbier:

500ml bottle = 220kcals & 13g of Carbs



Pint = 200kcals & 16g of Carbs


Bulmers Original:

330ml Bottle = 122kcals & 13g of Carbs
Pint = 210kcals & 23g of Carbs


Bulmers Light:

330ml Bottle = 92kcals & 2g of Carbs
Pint = 160kcals & 13g of Carbs


Bulmers Pear:

500ml Can = 215kcals & 12g of Carbs

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